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'Picture Tells...' is an experimental web app which in near future will help you discover new exciting things through art. At this point we have some interesting stories to tell about each image you choose and some insights for you to share with your friends. What we ask of you is just to look at your friends and interests and associate them with the image you subconsciously felt related to.

Working in arts and especially visual arts we started to believe that pictures not only tell a thousand words, but reveal connections amongst human beings on deeper emotional level. At ArtPit (www.artpit.org) we learned that certain people drawn to the same visual information have a lot in common. No surprises here you think, but what will happen if we try this on a bigger scale. Thats why we built this app. It will expand and we will notify you as soon as we reach second stage. We are public organisation and we promise that we will not misuse information you share with us. Thank you!

P.S. Special thanks goes to Deimante Tamutyte and Kristina Alijosiute for helping with visual stories.
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